I am excited to share with you this simple Baby Blanket.  The entire blanket is made using a Half-Shell Crochet stitch.  This is modified from a pattern I found years ago on the web.  I don’t have the source to credit the original pattern.

For this blanket, I used 4 different colors of the Lion Brand Feels Like Butta Yarn – two skeins of each color are required.

Blanket Size:  26″ x 28″
Hook Size:  F

CH:  Chain
SC:  Single Crochet
DC:  Double Crochet

I chose to alternate colors every 8 rows, but you can make your own pattern.

Base Row:  Chain 100  (Your base row needs to be a multiple of 3 + 1)

Row 1:  Double Crochet in 4th chain from hook, CH 2, Single Crochet in same chain as last DC, * skip 2 chains [2 DC, CH 2, 1 SC] in next chain; repeat from * to the end of the row.  CH3, turn.

Row 2:  In the first Chain 2 space [1 DC, CH 2, 1 SC]. * In the next Chain 2 Space [2 DC, CH 2, 1 SC], repeat from * to end of the row.  Chain 3, turn.

That is all there is to the pattern!  You simply use a double crochet and single crochet to create an adorable blanket!  Watch video here.

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Adding Edging to Base Row

In the video, I refer to adding an edging to your beginning row.  Here is a diagram that will help you make that happen.


If you missed our video on How to Crochet for Beginners, I have included the video below.