Watch the Video To See How Easy it is to Spend Cash Only

We have lived on Cash Only for our daily spending for over 16 years. When you spend with cash only, you will look at your purchases differently, and as a result your spending will decrease on average by 33%.

This video explains how and why we we spend only cash. It is a way of life for us. We don’t want our money to slip away, we want to be intentional with our money so that we can enjoy the ‘fun’ part of life . . . camping, horses, vacations, etc.

Here are the dividers we use for our cash system. You can cut down regular file folders or you buy small dividers. [Dividers on Amazon]

We divide our cash into:  Grocery, Household Expenses, Entertainment, and Spending Money.

When we withdrawal money for our spending (we do $350 every 2 weeks), we like it separated into different denominations.  To make it easier, we simply give the teller a note with the division of bills spelled out.