Gardening Tips

How to Freeze Tomato Sauce – Uses for Split Tomatoes

Need to know How to Freeze Tomato Sauce even if you have only a few tomatoes, split tomatoes, or ugly tomatoes? It is EASY and FAST! We love going to the freeze to a stash of frozen tomato sauce! Watch how we built our greenhouse:

How to Replace a Lawn Mower Wheel – Quick and Easy!

Replacing the wheel on a lawn mower is a quick and easy DIY repair. It is easy when you use a Dogbone Multi Tool! ORDER DOGBONE MULT TOOL: WHEEL: PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! We truly appreciate it!...

How to Build a Greenhouse from Scratch – Greenhouse Building Tips

Nothing is better than fresh food from the garden! This video shows how to build a greenhouse from scratch! We are giving you the greenhouse building tips we learned during our process! LINKS TO SUPPLIES: Solar Panel: Radiator Fan:...

Best Way to Use Water Globes

When I first started using the water globes - I admit I was very skeptical!  I couldn't get the globes to last more than a couple of days before they needed to be refilled.  I was also having trouble with the necks of the globes filling with dirt and not allowing the...

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