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How To Replace a Bilge Pump Float Switch

A boat's bilge pump float switch turns on when there's enough water in the bilge to float it, and then it shuts off the pump once the water is pumped out. A broken bilge pump float switch could cause the boat to sink. Ross walks you through the steps necessary to...

Repair RV City Water Connection Leak

Watch to see how to repair an RV City Water Connection Leak. It is an easy diy RV Repair that will save you from water damage on your RV! If you have RV Water Damage check out his video:    • Fake Wood In RV R...   Order Connection Here:

Repair RV Cabinet Wood

We had a very small water leak on our RV that caused awful water damage on the trim work. Watch the video to see how to replace the wood trim on your RV. It looks fantastic and was super easy to do! Wood Grain Paper: Oscillating Multi-Tool:...

Pontoon Restoration Project

We loved this project! We put together a pontoon restoration project time lapse. This flip a boat project was very profitable. Hope you enjoy the pontoon restoration ideas! How to repair boat seats: Sander: Scotch...

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