I love my Cricut Machine!  The family teases me because our home is sort of an inspirational journey with all of the signs I have made with my Cricut.

7 Money Saving Cricut Tips

Here are a few money saving tips that will help you in your Cricut journey.

  1.  Re-use signs from the thrift store.  These usually come with hangers already installed.  Just sand off their design and add your own.
  2. Use cutting boards for your wood signs.  These come pre-seasoned — just sand them smooth and design your own.
  3. Use Bondo Spreaders to apply your transfer tape and vinyl.  These come in a three pack from Walmart.
  4. Use retractable knives from Walmart and Harbor Freight to clean up your projects.
  5. Purchase dental pick and tools from eBay to use for weeding.
  6. Use Contact Paper for your transfer tape, you can find this at Walmart and on Amazon.
  7. Organize your vinyl with a shoe organizer.