I have enjoyed quilting for years and years. I am what I would call a hobby quilter, not professional by any means. But, when I make a quilt, I want it to be finished with a good binding to frame the hard-work put into the quilt.

Below are some easy tips on how to bind your quilt.

How to Calculate Amount of Binding

Cut Strips 2 1/2″ Wide

Lay the Strips Right Side Together at 90 Degree Angle

Sew From Upper Left to Lower Right

Fold in Half, Wrong Sides Together, Lengthwise

Attach to Quilt, Fold over Beginning Binding 1/2″ Before Sewing

Sew Through Corner, At End Fold Binding to Left Creating a Triangle, Turn and Sew Straight Down Next Side

Hand Sew Binding To Create a Mitered Corner

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