We have made a few pieces of furniture using wooden spools and we love them!  These spools are typically used by the power company or utility company and come in various sizes.

We found our spool top from a contractor friend who does work with our local power company.  You may be able to find spools on Craigslist, when we looked, there were a few to choose from in our area.

The table top we used for this project is 48″ wide.  The finished table height is 34″ tall.

Parts Needed

(the links to purchase parts are below)



Cut Table Top in Half

Assemble Pipes


Attach Top

Sand and Varnish


Hope you enjoyed this project.  Let us know if you have any questions, diyonthehouse@gmail.com.

Our next project is going to be a three-tier nightstand out of at 24″ cable spool.  Subscribe to our Channel to be notified of our next projects.

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