We are fortunate that Ross loves using a paint gun, and my parent’s had an upholstery shop growing up — it made this transformation of our dining chairs possible!

Step 1:  TSP the chairs

Use a small quantity of TSP at a time and clean all of the surfaces of the chairs


Step 2:  Sand Imperfections

Lightly sand the chairs to remove imperfections and surface that is smooth to the touch.

Step 3:  Paint the Chairs

  • Trick:  Place nails in the bottom of each leg of the chair, so that when it is sitting on your tarp, there is a gap between the tarp and the leg.  This will give a nice finish to your legs.
  • Ross uses a paint gun that he loves.  It is the Central Pneumatic gravity feed spray gun.  Use an even straight across motion (no arching) and over spray past the end of the project.
  • Don’t forget to use a good face mask!

Step 4:  Upholster the Seats


You will need a staple gun, foam, and fabric for this step.

I used 1″ foam and light weight vinyl for the seats.  Cut your foam the same size as the seat and cut your fabric so that it extends at least 2″ – 3″ on each side of the seat.

When you staple the fabric in place, always work opposite of the previous staple.  If you staple on the upper center side, your next staple needs to be the lower center.

For the corners, continue to work opposite of each the previous corner.  Staple the center tip of the corner first and then fold in the side fabric of the corner and staple it in place.  Then go to the corner diagonal of that one and do the same process.

By working opposite, you are making sure you keep your fabric smooth and tight.




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