I love weaving rugs! This video answers the Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions I get on “How to Make a Rag Rug”. These three used old sheets – they turned out fantastic!

Time Reference For Questions in Video:

  • 1:00 How do you prepare the fabric?
  • 3:20 How much warp fabric do I need to prepare?
  • 4:23 Where do you find rods for the loom?
  • 5:30 What size loom should I use?
  • 6:23 How can you make large rugs?
  • 7:25 Do you take off the backing when you wash the rugs?
  • 8:17 How do you start your first row?
  • 13:55 Where do you set your loom?
  • 14:33 Do you weave from both ends – or just weave top to bottom?
  • 15:42 How long does it take to weave a rug?