This Kitchen Scrubber is adorable! It uses Wiggle Crochet to make a kitchen scrubbie that is one to add to your crochet gifts! It is one of the craft show favorites! Here is another video you may like:

I am not a pattern writer, but if you can follow my notes below, here is the pattern for the flower scrubbers.

Round 1:  Chain 4, slip stitch to form loop.

Round 2:  Chain 3, 16 Double Crochets in loop, slip stitch to top of first chain 3

Round 3:  Chain 3, 2 Double Crochets in each stitch, slip stitch to top of first chain 3, fasten off.

Wiggle Crochet Round:  Attach New Color to post of Double Crochet.  Chain 3, 3 Double Crochets on the post of each Double Crochet, Chain 2, repeat on each Post around. Fasten off.

For the center round, attach New Color to the post at the top of Double Crochets in the first round.  (this part is difficult for me to describe in text, so watch the video for more info).  Chain 2, single crochet in next post, repeat around the center of the scrubber.

Again, I am not a pattern writer, but hopefully that helps!  Check out the video for more help!

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DIY on the House is dedicated to bringing you crochet tutorials for beginners. This kitchen scrubbie is a one of the craft show favorites! This kitchen scrubber is a great for tulle crafts and is a simple crochet pattern. Need to know how to crochet, check out this video If you have any questions during the video, please comment below, and I will get back to you! Thanks for watching DIY on the House!